Transportation Awards


Pat Shaw, who has driven a bus for KCSOS for 31 years, gets a standing ovation from her peers and a warm send-off to retirement during the 2014 Transportation Services awards ceremony.

KCSOS’s Transportation Services held its annual Safe Driving Awards Assembly on Aug. 11 in conjunction with the CHP
CHP Safe Driving Certificates are awarded to drivers who have driven at least 10 years or a minimum of 100,000 miles without a preventable accident.
During the ceremonies, nearly 50 drivers were honored with either a CHP 100,000 mile Safe Driving Certificate or Transportation Services’ yearly Safe Driving Pins. Some received both.
Transportation aides, mechanics and support stuff were also recognized during the event.
Following are this year’s award recipients.
CHP 100,000-mile award — Elizabeth Olivares
CHP 200,000-mile award — Connie Castruita; Armando Garcia; Dana Yasin
CHP 500,000-mile award — Terri Gamble; Robyrt Gridiron; Darlene Wood
CHP 600,000-mile award — Terri Rocha
CHP 700,000-mile award — Patricia Shaw
CHP 800,000-mile award — David Register
KCSOS Years of Safe Driving Awards
1 YEAR — Alma Ley; Sylvia Hall; Jessica Damron; Mina Velez
2 YEARS — Elizabeth Oliveras; April Magdaleno; AnnaMarie Harleston
4 YEARS — Armando Garcia; Marie Andrews; Veronica Pearman
5 YEARS — Nacole Medina; Ruth Murdock-Boykin
6 YEAR S — Dianna Ervin; Diana Medrano; Cindy Brewster; Veronica McEvoy
7 YEARS — Lori Castillo; Damon Anglin; Daniel Beechly
8 YEARS — Landon Langston; Marleny Reyes; LaShun Dickerson
9 YEARS — Teresa Coleman; Melissa Martin
10 YEARS — Connie Castruita; Dawn Robles
11 YEARS — Carolyn Towery; Ada Thomas; Ronnie Dixon
12 YEARS — Rebecca Leper; Deanna Harvey
13 YEARS — Amabeli Zuniga; Ken Hayen; Keisha Dean
14 YEARS — Vera Fisher*
15 YEARS — Terri Rocha; Terri Gamble*; Darlene Wood; Stormi Raines*
16 YEARS — Melanie Ogle *; Robyn Bolin *
20 YEARS — Virginia Jones
21 YEARS — Charlotte Gonzales
24 YEARS — Tomi Williams
25 YEARS — David Register **; Becky Bowers **
27 YEARS — Myra Payne**
31 YEARS — Pat Shaw C
* Notes 10 or more consecutive years without a preventable accident.
** Notes 20 or more consecutive years without a preventable accident.
C Notes Charter Drivers. Original From 1981
Transportation Aide Service Awards
1 YEAR — Jennifer Mendoza; Mark Rossi; Leandro (Tim) Garcia; Sandra Caballero
2 YEARS — Fanny Rendon; Sharon Fahmie
4 YEARS — Ray Palomo
5 YEARS — Kelly Fortson; Sandra Chamblee
6 YEARS — Maria Urena-Nunez
7 YEARS — Virginia Aceves; John Aparicio; Lew Helfrich; Avis Henderson; Shelia Horan; Krispen Malone; Wes Perkins; Melissa Sanchez; Crystal Toney; Casey Welschmeyer; Keisha King
8 YEARS — Dolores Trinidad; Michelle Darden; Chequila Jackson; Shannon Register; Cambria Sumlin; Annette White
9 YEARS — Maria Aguilera; Elizabeth Bentley; Shelly Freeman; Yesenia Garcia; Martin Hess; Delmy Munoz; Tamra Ohs; Raquel Perez; Gabriel Rodriguez; Donna Griffin
10 YEARS — Thelma Edwards; Andrew McCombs; Monica Ricardo; Cindy Wiebe
12 YEARS — Faraji Hartwell; Kalei Johnson; Jennifer Stilwell
14 YEARS — Julia Howard
Mechanics Awards
1 YEAR — Sam Hughes
6 YEARS — Grant Williams; John Hopkins
8 YEARS — Bob DiRocco; Allen Wiskirchen; Pedro Ramirez
14 YEARS — David Leper
20 YEARS — Brian Rauser
30 YEARS — Rob Bergholdt
31 YEARS — Dale Kamline
34 YEARS — Julio Lebron