Math Field Day

Results announced for the 45th annual Kern County Middle School Mathematics Field Day held at Liberty High School
Nearly 900 middle school students from nearly 40 schools put their math skills to the test Saturday during the 45th annual Kern County Middle School Mathematics Field Day held at Liberty High School.
Sixth, seventh and eighth-graders competed in a series of written events testing their math talents individually and in teams of two, three, four and five by grade level. Some of the categories have playful names such as “leap frog” and “mad hatter.” Still others offer the flavor of athletic competition with names such as “power relay,” “circuit training,” “individual medley” and “triathlon games.”
Math Field Day is coordinated by the Kern County Superintendent of Schools with sponsorship from Kern County Science Foundation and Westchester Kiwanis. It is a fun day of problem solving games and competitions.
The 2015 winners are as follows:
Actis Jr. High Steven Abrego 7th grade; Nicholas Oosthuizen 8th grade
Alicante Ave. — Joseline Miranda
Almond Tree Middle — Destiny Ramirez 6th grade; Andreina Zamora 7th grade; Daniel Sanchez 8th grade
Cato Middle — Maria Maxwell
Cecil Ave. Math & Science Academy — Angel Valdivia 6th grade; Carlos Zepeda 7th grade; Xavier Duran 8th grade
Chipman Jr. High – Tiffany Brownfield 7th grade; Alexa Coburn 8th grade
Columbia Elementary — Kyle Lim
Discovery Elementary — Sebastian Monungolh
Endeavour Elementary — Derek Klopstein
Fairfax Middle – Tristan Coston 7th grade; Xinu Chen 8th grade
Franklin Elementary — Brian Varona
Fruitvale Jr. High — Rebecca Sharrer 7th grade; Isaiah Kroeker 8th grade
Golden Oak Elementary — Daniel Ramirez
Haven Drive Middle — Pablo Flors 7th grade; Jhera Wongsrijan 8th grade
Independence Elementary — Spencer Reed
Jacobsen Middle — Leilani Moringlane 6th grade; Thomas Nichols 7th grade
La Viña Middle — Justin Arellan 6th grade; Edem Ipac 7th grade; Mayra Lara 8th grade
Lincoln Jr. High — Chase Cortez 6th grade; Ricky Posey 7th grade; Dennis Posey 8th grade
Miller Elementary — Xander Benskin
Monroe Middle — Eddie Martin 6th grade; Jayden Loundagin 7th grade; Owen Beck 8th grade
Mountain View Middle — Jesus Leyva 7th grade; Kiara Mares 8th grade
Murray Middle — Yuki Duong 6th grade; Maheen Ahmad 7th grade; Joshua Washburn 8th grade
Old River Elementary — Sophia Scheier 6th grade; Luis Torres 6th grade
Owens Intermediate — Dylan McConnel
Paramount Academy — Anai Morales
Pioneer (Delano) — Kevin Medina
Prueitt Elementary — Thomas Lorenzo Aguerria
Ridgecrest Charter — Allia Rickets 6th grade; Chole Whitnack 7th grade; Hope Lorenz 8th grade
Semitropic — Carlos Martinez 6th grade; Juan Martinez 7th grade; Gabriela Padilla 8th grade
Sequoia Elementary — Abel Rabago
Stockdale Elementary — Luke Romaninni
Sunset Elementary — Araceli Espinoza 6th grade; Antonio Renteria 7th grade; Fidel Negrete 8th grade
Tevis Jr. High — Olivia Dennis 7th grade; Alex Hunter 8th grade
Thomas Jefferson Middle — Diego Velez 7th grade; Pablo Vasquez 8th grade
Tropico Middle — Zendy Uribe 7th grade; Malaya Novak 8th grade
Wallace Middle — Matthew Surico 6th grade; Brett Grimsby 7th; Alyssa Servin 8th grade
Warren Jr. High — Sagar Gupta 7th grade; Muskaan Singh 8th grade
Washington Middle — Leah Valdez 6th grade; Jose Gonzalez 7th grade; Regina Keil 8th grade
POWER RELAYS — 6th Grade
1st — OWENS INTERMEDIATE – Sulan Jackson, Daisy Carranza, Jayla Burton, Izabelle Pena and Tyler Escarcega
2nd — STOCKDALE ELEM – Riley Dison, Nathan Dunn, Kaitlyn McKnight, Taylor Russell and Luke Romaninni
3rd — INDEPENDENCE ELEM – Bricen Rigby, Rylee George, Jackson Meadors, Delany Meeks and Jenson Hallum
POWER RELAYS — 7th Grade
1st — WARREN JH – Clair Im, Zara Mubin, Suchitra Dara, Vivek Gupta and Isabel Machua
2nd — LA VINA MS – RJ Dumlao, Marrel Munoz, Monica Gonzalez, Jyln Paraiso and Paola Garcia
3rd — CHIPMAN JH – Steven Kertis, Azucena Galarza, Karla Perez, Alaynah Teleez and Kennedy Cross
AND JACOBSEN MS – Amelia Perreault, Molley Fenton, Lyndsey Schultz, T.J. Nichols and Makeena Davis
POWER RELAYS — 8th Grade
1st — ACTIS JH – Jiwoo An, Jordan Ovando, Callie Pruitt, Carlson Parks and Jacob Zeimet
2nd — WARREN JH – Jared Tholl, Harleen Sidhu, Donya Sarrafian, Caitlyn Chang and Kayla Ko
3rd — LA VINA MS – Jagar Alindajao, Mayra Lara, John Cruz, Reem Hassan and Nathan Chavez
LEAP FROG — 6th Grade
1st — DISCOVERY ELEM – Sebastion Monungolh and Michael Villicano
2nd — OWENS INTERMEDIATE – Jonathan Hernandez and Christopher Le
3rd — MURRAY MIDDLE – Yuki Duong and Ben Washburn
LEAP FROG — 7th Grade
1st — WARREN JH – Sagar Gupta and Rik Bose
2nd — ALMOND TREE MS – Georgina Rodriguez and Andreina Zamora
3rd — LA VINA MS – Edem Ipac and Alhassan Alhassan
LEAP FROG — 8th Grade
1st — WARREN JH – Muskaan Singh and Kelsey Jian
2nd — FRUITVALE JH – Sydney Anzalone and Francesca Dabu
3rd — TROPICO MS – Gavin Duenas and Alvin Chau
1st — OWENS INTERMEDIATE – Hyrum Hansen and Alan Santiago
2nd — OLD RIVER ELEM – Luis Torres and Jaden Madding
3rd —WALLACE MS – Sierra Thomas and Aidan Schultz
CIRCUIT TRAINING — 7th and 8th Grade (combined)
1st — TEVIS JH – Alex Hunter and Wesley Gordon
2nd — WARREN JH – Justin Kim and Amandeep Mander
3rd — MURRAY MS – Samuel Marler and Trevor Frisbee
MAD HATTER — 6th Grade
1st — INDEPENDENCE ELEM – Spencer Reed and Gina Yum
2nd — OLD RIVER ELEM – Hailey Tholl and Sophia Scheler
AND OWENS INTERMEDIATE – Dev Raja and Yaser Cisneros
3rd — ENDEAVOR ELEM – Jeremy Johnson and George Torres
AND FRANKLIN ELEM – Alex Pena and Sahid Rangel
MAD HATTER — 7th Grade
1st — CATO MS – Peter Reyes and Alexander Lopez
2nd — CHIPMAN JH – Keshav Patel and Davin Alejo
3rd — RIDGECREST CHARTER – Nikki Mosman and Chloe Whitnack
MAD HATTER — 8th Grade
1st — WARREN JH – Kiun Kim and Isaac Kim
2nd — MURRAY MS – Veronica VanderWerf and Gina Della Santina
3rd — SUNSET ELEM – Fidel Negrete and Irene Miranada
1st — MURRAY MS – Aidan Murphree, Justin Dela Cruz, Joshua Washburn and Adelina Anderson
2nd — FRUITVALE JH – Anmol Lakhotia, Alex Castro, Benjamin Martin and Isaiah Kroeker
3rd — WARREN JH – Jasleen Sidhu, Daivik Buch, Peter Diaz and Vaisakk Abhilash
SUDOKU — 6th Grade
1st — SUNSET ELEM – Yulisa Ruiz
2nd — OWENS INTERMEDIATE – Katrina Isaac
3rd — SEQUOIA ELEM – Jessica Garcia
SUDOKU — 7th Grade
1st — FRUITVALE JH – Rebecca Sharrer
2nd — LA VINA MS – Isabella Herrera
3rd — WALLACE MS – Adam Wood
SUDOKU — 8th Grade
1st — FAIRFAX MS – Xinyu Chen
2nd — JACOBSEN MS – Lance Bui
3rd — TROPICO MS – Jeremiah Green
1st — PRUEITT ELEM – Porfirio Montoya
2nd — SEQUOIA ELEM – Hernan Jara
3rd — ENDEAVOUR ELEM – Derek Klopstein
1st — LA VINA MS – Jerrel Hadraki
2nd — ACTIS JH – Erylin Campos
3rd — WARREN JH – Amy Cheng
1st — ALMOND TREE MS – Aileen Fernandez
2nd — FRUITVALE JH – Emma McNellis
3rd — CHIPMAN JH – Alec Alvarez
AND WASHINGTON MS – Jamie Gonzalez
1st — CHIPMAN JH – Andrew Johnston
2nd — WALLACE MS – Matthew Surico
3rd — GOLDEN OAK ELEM – Jeshua Tovar
1st — FRUITVALE JH – Ian Rowatt
2nd — CHIPMAN JH – Jada Davis
3rd — ACTIS JH – Madi Miranda
1st — CHIPMAN JH – Peter Wykoff
2nd — ACTIS JH – Solomon Fernandez
3rd — JEFFERSON MS – Joel Mejia
1st — INDEPENDENCE ELEM – Isabella Caputo, Gina Yum, Bricen Rigby and Spencer Reed
2nd — MILLER ELEM – Xander Benskin, Hailey Clark, Jasnik Kaur and Eduardo Gallardo
3rd — LINCOLN JH – Phenix Harmer, Chase Cortez, Presley Golling and Jackson Mainard
1st — CATO MS – Vaishnavi Samudrala, Stephany Cardena, Sean Beardsley and Alexander Lopez
2nd — ACTIS JH – Juliette Blalock, Nick Pardo, Sumin Ra, and Steven Abrego
3rd — WARREN JH – Aayushi Kapadia, Khushali Desai, Emma Fox and Rishi Shah
1st — ACTIS JH – Jacob Zeimet, Jacob Bailey, Carson Parks and Oosthuizen
2nd — FRUITVALE JH – Alex Castro, Anmol Lakhotia, Josh Aubin and Isaiah Kroeker
3rd — MURRAY MS – Adelina Anderson, Justin Dela Cruz, Joshua Washburn and Aidan Murphree